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Hi! I am Yuhao KANG(康雨豪), an assistant professor in GIScience at the Department of Geography, University of South Carolina. I was a postdoctoral researcher, research assistant, visiting student at the MIT Senseable City Lab for over 2 years. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in GIScience and Cartography at the GeoDS Lab, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, supervised by Prof. Song Gao. I got a bachelor's degree from the Department of Geo-Information Science (GIS), School of Resource and Environmental Sciences, Wuhan University. I had research experience in both academia and industry, including Google X, MoBike (now Meituan-Dianping), and Peking University. My research interests include Human-centered Geospatial Data Science, GIScience, Place-based GIS, GeoAI, Cartography, Urban Computing, and Social Sensing. I am interested in all technologies that are innovative and life-changing. I have published over 40 peer-reviewed articles in journals and conference proceedings, and served as peer-reviewers in several academic journals. My papers have been cited more than 2200 times (H-index 22) according to Google Scholar. I was the recipient for several fellowships and awards, including the Young Research Award by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, CaGIS Rising Award, ICA scholarship, Best paper in GISS Student Paper Competition, Best paper in Robert Raskin Student Paper Competition, Top 20 Candidates in "Luojia Top 10 Fengyun Student" at Wuhan University, National Fellowships for Outstanding Undergraduate Stduent, etc. In addition, I founded the non-profit organization GISphere, co-founded the Urban Playground Lab at Wuhan University, and a technology company MicroDeepMind.

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Email: yuhaokang@sc.edu

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During my leisure time, I like playing sports such as soccer (A fan of Manchester United), skiing, badminton, and watching American football (Badgers and Packers).


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